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Waleed Howrani

Instrumental Music

Sweet Geriatrics

SWEET GERIATRICS are humorous compositions which were inspired by a lecture given by piano teacher Ramona Kime, whose students are senior citizens. The real spark came at the end of the presentation when Ms. Kime enumerated a few possible composition titles, which her brother Steve had given her: March of the Hip Replacements, Bifocal Boogie-Woogie, Great-grandsonata, and others.

The result is an amalgam of works whose technical range spans from simple to demanding. Musically, however, these pieces require a depth of expression and the interpretive techniques of a seasoned performer. Thus, in addition to their programmatic and entertaining traits, they are serious concert works that should stand on their own. These compositions can be played independently, but are compiled in such a manner that they have a structured sweep when performed in succession.

Sweet Geriatrics

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Waleed Howrani

Born in New York in 1948, Waleed Howrani was reared in Beirut where he studied piano, theory and harmony privately while engaging in trials of his first Opuses. At thirteen, he came to the attention of Aram Khatchaturian, who arranged for him to receive scholarships to study piano at Moscow’s Central Music School and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1964 -1973), of which three years were under the tutelage of Emil Gilels.

By the time Howrani was nineteen, he had been awarded the Certificate of Honor at the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition and the Laureate at the Queen Elizabeth International Piano Competition, paving the way to concert tours in the former Soviet Union, East and West Europe, the Middle East, as well as in the Americas.

After settling in the United States in 1973, Howrani pursued his lifelong interest in creating music by studying composition with William Albright. As a composer, he has been the recipient of a number of honors, including the Michigan Council for the Arts Award for his Animal Rags for piano; the Artistic Excellence Award from Wayne County, Michigan; two Khalil Gibran Fine Arts Awards; and a grant from the Hariri Foundation. In 2008 his Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Strings and Percussion received its world premiere in London by the English Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Clark Rundell, with Simon Haram as soloist.

In addition to giving concerts, Howrani continues to compose and to teach. He currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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