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a non-profit project

A Division of Ars Nova Press®

Composers Catalog

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Greg  BartholomewFrank  BencriscuttoJohn  BoyleSantos  CotaKeith  DippreJames  Eversole
Betsy Louise FulghumJohn  HeinsWaleed  HowraniLockrem  JohnsonDonald O JohnstonMary Ann  Joyce-Walter
Jerry  KrachtMichael F MurrayVaclav  NelhybelNoel Scott StevensHarvey J StokesGloria Wilson Swisher
Diane  ThomeMichael  TwomeyAllen  VizzuttiRobert  WashburnJohn  WhiteStephen  Yarbrough

Composer Membership Application Information

The Ars Nova Music™ Project

To become a member of the ARS NOVA MUSIC COMPOSERS GROUP, an applicant must consider the following criteria to determine if the fundamental purposes of the ARS NOVA MUSIC Project align with their personal musical goals: does the applicant create or wish to create classical art music, tonal or modal, for instruments and/or voices, not generated by computer programming? Can the composer support the following tenets of formal construction?

  1. The music must have a sense of direction.
  2. The music must be constructed so that it can communicate to an audience through the medium of sound.
  3. The music ideas or phrases can be compared or contrasted by an audience so that they can function as a form of musical communication.
  4. There is a balance of auditory ideas that creates an auditory form so that the composition makes musical sense to the listener.
If, after consideration of the above criteria, a composer would like to apply to become a member of the ARS NOVA MUSIC Project, they should complete an application form and submit it as instructed.

The Ars Nova Music™ Publishing Plan
  1. THE PURPOSE: to provide a publicity and music publication outlet for members of ARS NOVA COMPOSERS GROUP.

    ARS NOVA MUSIC™ will provide public awareness of the composers and their compositions through its website as well as through advertising and articles in trade magazines and journals. The website will feature a biography and picture of each composer, a listing of each composer’s works published by ARS NOVA MUSIC™, and a complete listing of each composer’s works published by other publishing companies, with address information for ordering. If the composer member has a website, a link from the ARS NOVA website will be provided, thereby supplying the composer with the maximum exposure.

  2. MEMBERSHIP in the ARS NOVA COMPOSERS GROUP is through invitation to submit scores, nomination by an interested individual (scores must be submitted) and self-nomination through the supplying of scores and recordings for examination. All music scores should be submitted to the ARS NOVA Vice President in charge of Membership and Publications. Each member is required to have one work under contract for publication. There are no fees for membership in the ARS NOVA COMPOSERS GROUP.


    Each composer will be represented in each publication year as their scores are available. The publication schedule starts in July of each year. The number of works to be published will be determined by the number of submitted works accepted by the Editorial Selection Committee, the genre of the works submitted (i.e., symphonies or small ensembles, choral, etc.), and the length of the works submitted.

    If not all works submitted by composers and accepted by the committee have been included in the publication schedule for a particular year, the additional works will, at the composer’s discretion, be returned to the composer or kept on file for publication in a subsequent publication year.

    1. ARS NOVA MUSIC™ has the exclusive right to publish and distribute a composer’s work while it is under contract with ARS NOVA PRESS®. See article E(2) below.
    2. The composer or legal representative (hereafter called composer) will control his/her compositions. The composer will apply for copyright in his/her own name. The composer will assume all legal responsibilities for his/her compositions published by ARS NOVA PRESS®.
    3. Each composer must assume the responsibility of supplying camera-ready copies of his/her music compositions to ARS NOVA PRESS® for preparation for printing. ARS NOVA PRESS® will prepare the compositions (scores, parts, etc.) for printing and will assume the costs involved. After masters have been prepared, the original materials will be returned to the composer.
    4. To avoid storage problems and inventory taxes, the number of copies printed will not exceed the quantity ordered.
    5. Printing Formats
      1. Part masters will conform to Xerox Measurements:
        1. Single page and single pages back-to-back will be 8.5" x 11".
        2. Single pages (8.5" x 11") side by side will form an 11" x 17" layout.
      2. Score masters:
        1. Single page sizes will conform to 8.5" x 11" paper size.
        2. Scores consisting of a series of 8.5" x 11" pages will be bound by spiral binding. If printed on 11" x 17" paper forming a number of side by side pages, scores (as well as parts) will be folded and stapled.
      3. Normal book pagination will be the standard practice for page numbering of scores and parts.
        1. Introductory pages will be numbered using lower case Roman numerals centered at the bottom of the page.
        2. Actual score pages as well as part pages will be numbered using Arabic numerals; odd numbers in the upper right-hand corners, even numbers in the upper left-hand corners.


    1. A contractual agreement for each work listed in the ARS NOVA MUSIC™ CATALOG appearing on the website will be issued to the concerned composer member. For each work sold, the composer will receive as a license fee, 20% of the selling price. Each January following publication of a work, a statement will be issued to the composer. If no sales occur, a statement will not be issued.
    2. The music in the ARS NOVA CATALOG is the property of the composer. If the composer wishes to enter into a publishing agreement with a publisher other than ARS NOVA PRESS®, any agreement or contract with ARS NOVA PRESS® may be terminated within thirty (30) days upon receipt of a written request for termination from the composer. Similarly, any contract or agreement may be terminated by a written statement of termination from ARS NOVA PRESS®.