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Sophie Mathieu

Instrumental Music : Large Ensemble

Le Fort de Vaux

LeFort de Vaux, for full orchestra, conveys the story of the resistance of itsnamesake fort during the World War I battle of Verdun. The orchestra is used topaint various scenes of the battle in the mind of the listener, as if it wereunfolding in front of them. The first scene, is a bird’s eye view of the battlefield around the fort, as if the listener were flying over it. A movingsixteenth-note “engine” is used in the violins in combination with accents inthe percussion to capture the dynamic nature of the battle. To contrast themotion, an ominous drone sounds in the low strings, and the French Horns play asimple “battle cry”, echoed by a solo flute. Though most of the piece is fastand energetic, the tragedy of war is captured as well. The soldiers’ loss offriends and family members to the battle and their cries of lament, isrepresented by the mournful sound of a solo cello. The anguished melodyintroduced in this section is used to build momentum to the end, just as thesoldiers would have felt a desire to avenge their fellow combatants who werelost in the first phase of the battle.

Le Fort de Vaux

Full Score$35.00
Set of Parts$65.00

The Odyssey

TheOdyssey,for Full Orchestra, is inspired by film music. Its first theme is bold andmenacing, yet is first introduced by a flute solo. A second theme is introducedby the clarinet, accompanied by the celesta and string section, the piecebuilds to a return of the first theme by the brass and string sections. Thesecond theme is further explored in a slow, lyrical section before thebeginning is reprised, and the piece ends, loud and bold.

The Odyssey

Full Score$25.00
Set of Parts$40.00

Sophie Mathieu

Sophie Mathieu began studying piano atthe age of 6 and cello at the age of 11. She started composing at age 13. Shehas written solo and chamber works, and has also explored a vast diversity oflarger ensembles such as string orchestras and cello choirs. She has had thehonor of being a two time winner of the Sarah and Earnest Butler Texas YoungComposers’ Competition with her 2012 work, LeFort de Vaux, as well as with her 2014 work, Somnium. Both works were premiered by the Austin Symphony Orchestrain the Long Center for the Performing Arts. Sophie’s work Momentum, for string orchestra, piano, and bass drum, was given astate level award in the Reflections art competition. Her musical influencesinclude James Horner, Alexandre Desplat, Igor Stravinsky, Mason Bates, RalphVaughan Williams, and Maurice Ravel, as well as many others.

Sophie is currently a junior at Westwood High School and a memberof the Westwood High School Symphony Orchestra. She is also enrolled in theAustin Chamber Music Center Academy for Young Artists, where she enjoys playingchamber music with her friends and studying composition under Graham Reynolds.Sophie has had the opportunity to play in several masterclasses for many distinguishedartists, is a member of the Modern Music Masters MusicHonor Society, and is a two year member of the Region 26 Orchestra.

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