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Alan Mackwell

Instrumental Music : Large Ensemble


A Belgian And HisFriends is the fourth and final movement to an orchestral suite writtenabout the Belgian cartoon character Tintin. The entire Tintin Suite is specifically written not to tell a linear story butto focus on the emotions engendered by certain characteristic behaviors ordecisions made by Tintin and his companions. A Belgian And His Friends serves as a traditional final movement,combining elements of the previous movements while also developing originalideas. The piece focuses on the sense of adventure that the Tintin cartoons areso famous for. At the same time, the adventure is balanced with a light andalmost dance-like feel, which serves as a reminder of the cartoonish nature ofTintin and his friends. Fear, danger, and the strong loyalty that Tintin hastowards his companions are featured as well before the piece comes to adramatic close, illustrating the adrenaline and ultimate satisfaction offinishing one of Tintin’s grand adventures. 


Full Score$35.00
Set of Parts$50.00


Uncompahgre is a piece based on experiences on Uncompahgre Peak in SouthernColorado. The piece doesn’t necessarily have a special structure or technicalmusical complexion. It was simply written to illustrate my emotions andfeelings during my time on top of a mountain. Uncompahgre is based on a four-bar melody, which I designate as thepeak’s theme.

                Thereare several stages of emotion I experienced while on the peak. The piece beginswith a horn solo. Quiet and solemn, but grows into a powerful and gloriousexplosion as I make my way up to the summit and view the splendor of thelandscape. A mixture of relief and awe overtakes any fatigue I feel as I standat the top. After a while, the gloriousness starts to temper and I begin to seethe details in the landscape around me. The woodwinds begin a series of fastruns as the role of nature in my experience comes to realization. The wind, thebirds, and the shouts of happy people begin to flow into one, happy andblissful sense of enjoyment. This sense of enjoyment comes to a climax,resulting in a sudden realization of success, which is illustrated through arhythmic feel and general joy, coupled with large, brassy sounds. As I prepareto make my descent from the peak, I take my last look around. The view is asglorious as it was when I first reached the summit. The mountains, the cloudformations, the mass of trees everywhere, everything is beautiful and amazing.The piece comes to a dramatic and intense close as I turn to leave.


Full Score$40.00
Set of Parts$60.00

Alan Mackwell
Alan Mackwell was born in Bayreuth, Germany, Alan Mackwell began in music in the third grade through piano lessons. He soon showed talent in music, and was encouraged to begin composing by his piano teacher, which he startet in his sixth grade, when he took a music composition course at the middle school magnet program he attended.
His first activity was composing short melodies and themes, later in middle school he began to write more advanced compositions. Alan began writing orchestral music in the eighth grade after being accepted to the American Festival of the Arts’ Composer’s Institute, where two of his pieces were performed. In 2014, he was one of the fifteen composers world-wide to attend the Interlochen Summer Arts Program for music composition, and wrote for the World Youth Symphony. He was selected in 2015 to attend the prestigious Boston Conservatory High School Composition Intensive. Alan is alumni of Clear Lake High School in Houston and played cello in their nationally acclaimed full orchestra, and continues to play piano and write music. 

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