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Austin Ali

Instrumental Music : Large Ensemble

Blissful Nightmares

Blissful Nightmares is a symphonic work written for full orchestra depicting thenature of dualities and bipolarities. I originally conceived of the piece as Ilay in bed, attempting to get some much-needed sleep before school thefollowing morning. I had no luck doing so. Instead, I kept humming a melodyunder my covers, unable to escape music’s grip on my mind. Following my musictheory teacher’s composition advice, I decided to record my humming on my phoneso I could remember the theme but still be able to sleep at a reasonable hour.Still unsatisfied after recording my ideas, I ran to my computer and spent theremainder of the night composing Blissful Nightmares, a piece ironicallyborn out of a daydream in bed.

            The composition is divided into three distinct sections:fast, slow, fast. The first section begins by struggling to find rhythmic andtonal integrity, just like a dreamer struggling to find reality. The timesignature fluctuates and the harmonic tension builds to a cliff-hanger: anunresolved chord and dramatic silence. The second section emerges out of thesilence in a steady meter and flowing sound with a melody traded between thewoodwinds and violins. This brief sense of consistency and stability is quicklyshattered in the third and final part of the composition when bliss turns tonightmare. The dissonant chords and unsettling complex time signatures bringabout a powerful ending where the entire orchestra fully envelops the audiencein a wash of sound.

Blissful Nightmares

Full Score$35.00
Set of parts$50.00

Larger than Life

Larger Than Life (7:00) explores the idea of a myth: a legend created by people to describe the indescribable. In this work composed for full symphony orchestra, the often dissonant and complex harmonies reflect the indescribable qualities of myths and their mystery. During the exposition, the trombone, english horn, and(subtly) piano introduce three themes that occur during the piece.

Larger Than Life reaches a climactic finale when the brass section soars above the ensemblein an explosion of intensity and power.

Larger than Life

Full Score$35.00
Set of Parts$50.00

Austin Ali
Austin Ali is a 17 year old junior at Plano West Senior High School in Plano, Texas. He is an active member in the Plano West Band as principal trumpet in wind ensemble and lead trumpet in jazz band. A composer for 3 years, and musician for 5 years, Austin has premiered works for concert band in local middle school and high school concerts. These works would not have been possible without the support of his mentors Robert Barnett, David Herring, Preston Pierce, James Hannah, Eric Petrinowitsch, and Akira Sato.

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