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Maximilien Hein
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Paul Novak
Matthew C. Thomas
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Maximilien Hein

Instrumental Music

Impressions of a Hero’s Journey

"Impressions of a Hero’s Journey" seeks to translate the adventure, heroism, mystery, and drama of fantasy into music. The piece follows no particular story arc, instead laying out a patchwork of musical impressions reminiscent of the various scoops rampant in an epic tale. It begins with the forging of a mysterious expository section highlighting several different pockets of instrument groups. This slowly rises until it explodes into an aggressive climax which introduces the dramatic first motif amidst an intense, driving soundscape. The drama falls, and solo piano introduces a second, more adventurous motif. The two themes weave together throughout the middle section which is seasoned with rhythmic what not in the percussion and pizzicato low strings. The ideas range from aimless flutters to heroic bombasts, changing with  the mood and the energy before giving way to a repeat of the explosive loud idea which introduced this whole section. Having gone there and back again, a recapitulation of the first mysterious section follows, ending with a haunting perfect fifth leaving the piece open-ended, waiting for the next adventure.

Impressions of a Hero’s Journey

Full Score$35.00
Set of parts$50.00

Instrumental Music : Large Ensemble

The Sorcerer's Garden

The Sorcerer's Garden is meant to describe that which may transpire during a day in a mystical, magical garden. The opening segment is representative of the mysterious andmischievous, the devious creatures that may emerge in the night, and that reside in such a place. This opening segment drives forward through a sinister march before moving into a more light-hearted section, which dances freely among twinkling woodwinds and majestic brass, representing the waking of all the beings of pure intent. After a restatement of the opening, the work collides with it self and the two themes are interwoven into a chaotic combat of changing meters and motifs, representing the inevitable conflict these differing sides must surely encounter. In the aftermath of this, the music lumbers forward into the finale: a frantic restatement of the march theme which ends with mysterious solo piano, telling us that while the darker side won today, things are never truly over.

The Sorcerer's Garden

Full Score$40.00
Set of Parts$50.00

Maximilien Hein

Maximilien Hein is a graduate of Cedar Park High School who is currently a student at Texas State University majoring in Sound Recording Technology and minoring in Music Composition. He first began composing music in the eighth grade, and remains predominan tlyself-taught, describing himself as “just a guy who’s a composer for fun.”Previously, Max has been a finalist in the Fifth and Sixth Annual Austin Symphony Orchestra Texas Young Composer Competition for his pieces “Intenso yTango” and “The Sorcerer’s Garden.” Additionally, he has had further performance opportunities through the First Annual Golden Hornet Young Composer Concert in March of 2016, which saw the premier of his two chamber works, “L’apothicaireRêveur” and “Monday.” This past school year, Max was fortunate enough to work with the Attacca String Quartet during their two week-long residencies at Texas State, and have two pieces, “Song of Home” and “Jig-saw,” read and recorded. Outside the realm of music, Max is a Texas State University Terry Scholar and has made the Dean’s List both semesters in college. His hobbies include reading comic books and spending time with his kid brother, Finn, as well as The Sir, Bronsen, with whom he is to the end of the line. Max would like to thank allthe mentors who have helped him achieve these opportunities, including Manuel San Luis, Graham Reynolds, Peter Stopschinski, and Michael Ippolito, as well asthe Austin Symphony Orchestra and Ars Nova Publishing for championing the music of aspiring young composers.

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