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Maximilien Hein

Instrumental Music : Large Ensemble

The Sorcerer's Garden

The Sorcerer's Garden is meant to describe that which may transpire during a day in a mystical, magical garden. The opening segment is representative of the mysterious andmischievous, the devious creatures that may emerge in the night, and that reside in such a place. This opening segment drives forward through a sinister march before moving into a more light-hearted section, which dances freely among twinkling woodwinds and majestic brass, representing the waking of all the beings of pure intent. After a restatement of the opening, the work collides with it self and the two themes are interwoven into a chaotic combat of changing meters and motifs, representing the inevitable conflict these differing sides must surely encounter. In the aftermath of this, the music lumbers forward into the finale: a frantic restatement of the march theme which ends with mysterious solo piano, telling us that while the darker side won today, things are never truly over.

The Sorcerer's Garden

Full Score$40.00
Set of Parts$50.00

Maximilien Hein

Maximilien Hein is a senior at Cedar Park High School and aself-taught composer.

His interest in music began with piano lessons,and was solidified when he joined his middle school band and chose to play FrenchHorn.  He became interested incomposition during the middle school, and soon after, decided that a career inthe music industry was his pursuit in life. In 2015, Maximilien was one of the winners of the ASO 5th Annual TexasYoung Composer Competition and was honored to have had his score, “Intenso yTango,” performed by the Austin Symphony Orchestra. 

This year, Max worked with composers GrahamReynolds and Peter Stopschinski as a student composer for the Golden HornetStudent Composer Project, and he's excited to have had his chamber musicperformed at the concert on March 6th.

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