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Austin Ali
Timothy Dow
Amy Gravell
Maximilien Hein
Alan Mackwell
Sophie Mathieu
Paul Novak
Matthew C. Thomas
Isaac Villaroya
Dara Wenjia Li

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Austin  AliTimothy  DowAmy  GravellMaximilien  HeinAlan  MackwellSophie  Mathieu
Paul  NovakMatthew C. ThomasIsaac  VillaroyaDara  Wenjia Li

Ars Nova Young Composers

In the spring of 2015, Ars Nova Music added the Young Composer Series as a new category to our library. Its addition is a result of our sponsorship and collaboration with the Austin symphony and its Young Composers Competition. We applaud Austin Symphony's dedication to the development of our art form as evidenced by their support, encouragement and education of young composers through their Young Artists Competition. We at Ars Nova Music believe our sponsorship is an extension of our mission by assisting as the publishing flag ship of their organizations competition.

It is our hope throughout the coming years that we will be able to assist a multitude of competitions such as the Texas Young Composers competition, by publishing and archiving some of the best music of this new generation We believe the format used by the Austin Symphony is exemplary and a sucssesful template that could be used as a model for other organizations. For more information, please contact our executive director John Boyle at